Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kettle Cooked Chips Healthier Than Regular Chips

A majority of us hesitate while reaching for that extra potato chip. The reason is the high calorie content of not only the potatoes but also the oil used in preparing it. But the kettle cooked potato chips have changed the whole scenario and made munching potato chips a healthy habit. Stunned? Kettle cooked chips are prepared slowly at low temperature and in individual batches, rather than frying in a continuous flow. This makes them not only crispier but also low in calorie content.

Unlike the traditional method, both flavor and color of the chips are maintained in the kettle cooking, without disturbing its nutritional value. In kettle cooking, the natural flavor of potatoes is maintained as there is a minimum usage of artificial or excess ingredients in the preparation process.

While the regular chips are prepared from deep frying the potatoes, the kettle cooked potato chips is cooked slowly in two stages. It is first cooked at very low temperature for enhancing its color and texture, and then is cooled down before undergoing the second method. Before frying the chips again in the second stage, the oil from the potatoes is completely removed. This makes them comparatively much lower in calorie content than the regular chips.

Classic Foods is one of the famous producers of kettle chips and food products in the state. They use a range of steam jacketed and injected kettle cookers to make a number of kettle cooked food products. The kettles include vertical, steam jacketed kettles, MTC steam injected kettle and horizontal, steam jacketed kettles.

To name a few, kettle cooked food items offered by Classic Foods are chili, Soups, Sauces (Italian, Mexican, Asian) Queso, Gravies, Taco Fillings, Beans, Fajitas, Jalapenos, Hot dogs, Chips, Barbecue products are cooked. The Sheriff Blaylock’s BBQ Sauce prepared from tomato paste base, vinegar, molasses and chili pepper, further adds a unique taste to all food products.

For more information about the products and services offered by Classic Foods, feel free to visit them at 629 Mony, Ft. Worth, Texas 76102. You can also call them at 817.332.1071.